For kegs, dispensers and bottles, please visit our Sparkling Cold Brew Tea Bar, 14 Shields Street, Cairns City, QLD, Australia. Free delivery in Australia for online orders over $100.


Come and visit our Cold Brew Tea Bar at 14 Shields Street, Cairns City.  Here you can sample our sparkling drinks on tap and see our full range of dried blends.  We offer a cold infusion range, a beautea range, which includes eye bags and bath bombs, and a list of mockteas and cockteas recipes complete with confettea for decorating people or glasses!  We can even show you how to make natural paints from our products.                                            
For bottles, kegs and dispensers
you can visit our store or order directly from
us by email, or phone 0435255633 / 0414788138. 
Delivery of these items is currently limited to Cairns and Port Douglas.  
Alternatively you can buy the dried blends online and brew our drinks at home.  We recommend Oh Bubbles ( to add an instant sparkle.
Our Cold Brew Tea Bar is available for small events. 
We have hosted music, painting and even hula hooping classes! 
If you would like to hold an event, please contact us directly.