Come and play with us!
Our team
Tami - head honcho, inspired innovator and botanical alchemist extraordinaire

Sri - creative content master, ship steerer & always got Tami's back
Wayne - the adored professional

There are still so many unexplored ways when it comes to creating amazing infusions from dried plants!
Sure, there will always be a place for a perfectly brewed hot cuppa tea but there is an endless array of delicious possibilities that we want to explore with you.
Whether infused in cold water, sparkling water, coconut water, nut milks or even alcohol is up to your individual palate. 
The colours, tastes, textures and possible interactions with the body, brain and spirit compelled us to compile a collection of delicious, botanical based beverages.
We are delighted to take this journey with you and hope you enjoy our range of ever evolving, perfectly pure, plant compilations.